How might we streamline order management ?

Orders calendar packed full of features; allowing customers to view upcoming orders, check their statuses, start new order and much more.


hi, I am halina

Product Designer and Strategist passionate about conscious, ethical, inclusive design and its positive impact on business transformation and user experience.

hi, I am halina




How might we
humanize an overwhelming bureaucratic process?

First-ever online probate application tool that generates documents as if a lawyer drafted them - but for 10x less than what a lawyer costs


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Seven Movements

How might we
encourage frequent bouts of movement?

A health and wellness app hosting quick and easy exercise videos that can be performed either at work or in living rooms.


iHeart Internal Age

How might we transform a gimmick into a habit?

Increasing user retention of the World's first mobile application that calculates a user's Internal Age based on the iHeart device reading.


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about me

In my professional life I gained an array of skills from advanced technical skills to problem-solving and leadership skills. I enjoy working on projects from initial concept to final production but I also love those moments when I jump into a deep end of product design to solve a particular problem.

I am a constant learner and I believe the secret sauce is in what we take from every single experience. 
As a photographer, I learned to observe the world.
As a volunteer at VGH and as a dementia patient companion, I learned to listen and empathize.
As someone who moved countries twice, I learned how to adapt.
Finally, as someone who cares deeply about others, I learned that the only way to truly better people's lives is through understanding.

These values drive me as a designer, while my natural curiosity, integrity, and acceptance of ambiguity help me deliver.

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I believe in teamwork. As an old saying goes "If you want to walk fast - walk alone. If you want to walk far - walk together. " There is magic in teams' convergence and divergence flows and through that magic, design happens!


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